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U.S. reduces number of F-35 fighter jets as many flaws are found

Hsmilitarycom: Reported on March 16, the US Department of Defense decided to reduce the number of purchases of F-35 fighter jets. As reported by Bloomberg, the F-35 fighter jet made by Lockheed Martin has many shortcomings.

In 2022 "starting October 1, 2021", the Pentagon will receive 85 F-35s. By 2023, the U.S. military is expected to receive 94 F-35s.

U.S. reduces number of F-35 fighter jets as many flaws are found

The "Selected Procurement Report" source said, Previously the Pentagon will ask for 61 f-35 fighter jets, Related to the many shortcomings in the F-35 fighter jets, the US decided to buy 33 fighter jets only, fewer than previously planned.

The U.S. Air Force will request 33 F-35As instead of 48, the Navy will ask for 13 F-35Cs instead of 26, and the ILC will ask for 15 F-35Bs instead of 20.

The decision sent Lockheed Martin shares down. Lockheed Martin shares fell 6.1 percent to $421.34, the sharpest decline since Oct. 26. The reduction in the number of F-35 fighter jet purchases may be the most controversial in the national security budget request, which is expected to reach $770 billion next year.

Keep in mind, the reason for the reduction in F-35 fighter jet purchases was not officially explained until the Pentagon's proposed budget was announced.

Lockheed Martin and U.S. software maker Bethesda Softworks are expected to upgrade software and hardware for 400 F-35s.

The F-35 fighter jet was found to be damaged due to $14 billion worth of critical software and improperly implemented AO updates. This shows that the F-35 fighter jet is not perfect and there is still a lot to fix before being marketed to various countries.

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