Ukrainian An-26 ship carrying dusk from NATO crashes in Zaporozhye

Hsmilitarycom: A video has emerged showing a Ukrainian An-26 military plane crashing in zaporozhye. Allegedly, the An-26 aircraft was carrying a number of military equipment from NATO allies.

Ukrainian An-26 ship carrying dusk from NATO crashes in Zaporozhye

An-26 military aircraft flew at a very low altitude, trying to avoid detection and destruction by the air defense system, because of the pilot's error, the aircraft flew at full speed crashing into power lines.

In a video published on the internet you can see the damage suffered by an An-26 military aircraft and destroying power lines in the country.

The fate of the pilots and crew on board the Ukrainian An-26 military aircraft is not yet known. However, according to allegations the An-26 military ship was carrying a number of military equipment from a NATO country. 

The crash of the An-26 military plane has not been officially confirmed by the military. Keep in mind, Ukraine is starting to run out of stock of military transport aircraft. 

Previously chaired, an airport where a Ukrainian military aircraft parking lot was destroyed by Russian air defense systems, this shows that, currently, ukraine loses almost all military aircraft and fighter jets. 

Russia is focused on destroying military equipment sent from NATO allies, as the video was published a few days ago. The storage of the Ukrainian S-300 air defense system, which was sent by a NATO ally and has not been used, was destroyed by the Russian military.


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