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UK announces delivery of anti-ship missiles to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Ben Wallace, as Britain's defence secretary, announced he had started supplying anti-ship defence systems to Ukrainians, Reuters news agency reported.

UK announces delivery of anti-ship missiles to Ukraine

"The assistance will include the provision of air and coastal defense systems, long-range artillery and battery countermeasures, armored vehicles, and broader logistical support."

It is not yet known what the UK's purpose is actually to deliver coastal defences for, but previously in the UK the issue of sending a small number of anti-ship missiles to Ukraine capable of launching from land-based installations has been discussed in the UK.

The range of the weapon is estimated to reach 120 kilometers, this of course makes Russia have to be more careful when facing Ukraine.

Russia has not yet responded to London's actions, however, such a situation can be regarded by Russia as a direct escalation, which, therefore, will lead to very unfavorable consequences for the UK, and, possibly, other NATO countries.

A few days ago, Norway also proposed a similar initiative, but so far there is no data on preparations for the delivery of Harpoon anti-cruise missiles to Ukraine.

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