Tu-22M3 bombers are again armed with FAB-3000-M46 bombs

Hsmilitarycom: Russia has reactivated its high-explosive air bomb FAB-3000-M46, according to the Fighterbomber Telegram Channel.

Experts say that this ammunition used to be stored, then the Russians re-used it and installed it in bombers in the TU-22M3 which has the power of hype.

Tu-22M3 bombers are again armed with FAB-3000-M46 bombs

Russia used fab-3000-M46 bombs to attack industrial facilities, dams, and underground structures. The FAB-3000-M46 air bomb entered service in 1946.

The last time FAB-3000-M46 ammunition was used by the Soviet Union during the war in Afghanistan. The weight of the explosives is 1400 kg.

Photos published by the Fighterbomber telegram channel showed in the background a Tu-22M3 long-range supersonic missile carrier bomber, suspected to be carrying FAB-3000-M46 ammunition.

Tu-22M3 bombers are again armed with FAB-3000-M46 bombs

Regarding the use of FAB-3000-M46 weapons on tu-22M3 hypersonic weapons carrier aircraft, there has been no official confirmation from russian government departments. 

As we saw during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we never found tu-22M3 bombers in the airfields of Ukraine. It is unlikely that fab-3000-M46 weapons were brought by TU-22M3 aircraft to destroy ukrainian fortifications. 


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