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Slovakia's T-72M1 tank spotted in Donbass region

Hsmilitarycom: Earlier, Slovakia reportedly delivered a number of T-72M1 tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Some sources say that T-72M1 tanks were spotted in the Donbass region.

How many Slovak T-72M1 tanks were sent to Ukraine was not mentioned, however, donbass residents filmed the existence of T-72M1 tanks in the Donbass region the video was shared on the telegram channel.

"Not only the Slovak T-72M1, but also the Ukrainian T-72AMT was seen in the convoy. The exact number of tanks sent to Donbass is unknown, however, according to some data, Slovakia can provide Ukraine with up to 24 armored vehicles of this type," the source said.

The source said that information regarding the delivery of T-72M1 tanks by Slovakia was not official. 

However, the fact that this equipment was transferred to Ukraine was only discovered a few days ago. If it is assumed that the tanks will be in the central part of Ukraine, it turns out that they are immediately moved to the east.

Poland has also announced its intention to deliver up to 100 T-72 tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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