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Russian air defense system SAM Tor destroys Ukraine's Bayraktar TB2

Hsmilitarycom: A video published by the Russian defense ministry shows the SAM Tor air defense system destroying Ukraine's Bayraktar TB2 drone.

"I served in this complex, the most modern, the most versatile, ready to shoot down any fighter jet. During the special operations in Ukraine, I made 20 launches. Eleven drones of various types, seven of which are over-hyped Bayraktar. It is this machine that protects our Armed Forces from aviation and drones," said the crew commander of the Tor anti-aircraft missile system.
Russian air defense system SAM Tor destroys Ukraine's Bayraktar TB2

Thor is an all-weather tactical anti-jet missile system designed to complete air and missile defense tasks at the division level.

Its main task is to protect administrative, economic, and military entities from anti-radar and cruise missile attacks, drones, glide bombs, aircraft, and helicopters, including those made using stealth technology.

Sam Tor air defense system can work well, with manual system and also automatic system.

Recently, the Russian Defense Ministry published a video of the Russian Armed Forces launching a missile attack with precision-guided weapons on a Ukrainian military infrastructure facility. 

It said the crew of a small Black Sea Fleet missile ship conducted a salvo launch of seven Caliber cruise missiles targeted at a military facility in Ukraine.

Earlier on April 4, the official representative of the Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said that SU-35 fighter jets hit 17 Ukrainian military facilities in a day. 

He also explained that SU-35 fighter jets destroyed two command posts and a communications center, two ammunition depots, one fuel storage, as well as 11 fortifications and concentration areas for the Ukrainian Armed Forces army.

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