Russian warships were destroyed in the middle of the Black Sea. What's the cause?

Hsmilitarycom: The Russian defense ministry confirmed that the Russian cruiser exploded in the middle of the Black Sea, due to the explosion of ammunition on the warship.

The Russian warship suffered very severe damage, however, it did not sink due to its strong buoyancy. Action is currently being taken to tow the ship to port for inspection and repair.

Russian warships were destroyed in the middle of the Black Sea. What's the cause?

A Russian defense ministry source said all the crew members of the Russian warship were successfully evacuated, and that no one had died (interim report).

Until now, the incident is still under investigation related to the cause of the destruction of Russian warships in the Black Sea. However, some news circulated that the destruction of the warship was due to ammunition exploding on board.

It was previously rumored that, sea mines that were washed away were previously seen in the waters of the Black Sea, however, according to preliminary information, a fire broke out aboard a missile cruiser, and the ammunition explosion was the result of what happened.

However, Sember Avia pro said that at the time of the incident, US military aircraft were near a Russian cruiser, (This information has not been given an official statement from the Russian defense ministry).


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