Russian warship sinks in Black Sea

Hsmilitarycom: Reported from various sources, it is said by the Russian defense minister that the Russian cruiser sank in the black sea.

The source said the Russian warship sank while it was being towed to port in poor weather conditions, damage to the hull caused by fire from an ammunition explosion.

Russian warship sinks in Black Sea

Information on the damage to Russian warships was known On April 14, the condition of this cruiser was severely damaged. Upon that incident, the crew was evacuated to another ship of the Black Sea Fleet, an estimated 500 crew members were successfully evacuated.

However, tass sources reported that the Russian defense ministry clarified that the ship remained afloat, and its main missile arsenal was not damaged. Steps were taken to tow the cruiser to the port.

When there was an explosion the Russian cruiser's ammunition explosion did not sink at the site, but when it began to be evaluated to the port.

On March 24, the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired rockets at the port of Berdyansk, damaging two large landing craft. A huge fire broke out on the large landing ship Saratov, as a result of which it had to be sunk at the docks.

Keep in mind, the explosion on the Russian war ship in the Black Sea is said to have nothing to do with the navy in Ukraine, this ship sank due to an explosion of ammunition. 


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