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Russian tanks with laser weapons spotted in Mariupol region

Hsmilitarycom: There are many types of Russian-made tanks that have been known to the world, however, there is one rare tank armored vehicle that may be rarely known, the armored vehicle "Rheostat" seen in the city of Mariupol.

Russian tanks with laser weapons spotted in Mariupol region

The city of Mariupol was almost completely taken over by Russia, the unique Russian armored vehicle "Rheostat" came to the attention of the public there, its main features were laser weapons and systems that gave the ability to work with such weapons at considerable distances. 

The photo taken by the Russian war correspondent, you can all see the Rheostat armored personnel carrier on one of the city streets that looks so fierce.

The specific details and duties of the tank are still not known with certainty, however, the fact that Russia uses such unique equipment in military special operations shows that Russia takes its task very seriously.

Rheostat armored vehicles Personnel carriers armed with that laser system with the help of laser beams, illuminate targets hit by Nona self-propelled artillery.

Thanks to the armored vehicle "Rheostat", and according to unofficial data, there are only about 60 such combat vehicles operating with Russia, it is possible to defeat well-fortified enemy targets, groups of armored vehicles, etc.

What would you think if all these tanks with laser weapons were assigned to Ukraine? According to the analysis of the fortress of defense as great as anything can be destroyed easily.

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