Russia has used T-90 tanks in Ukraine for the first time

Hsmilitarycom: During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian T-90 tanks destroyed eight Ukrainian armored vehicles that entered one of the settlements in the Kharkiv region. 

Russia has used T-90 tanks in Ukraine for the first time

Ukrainian tanks moved with the support of ground forces, allegedly Ukraine suffered heavy losses. Many Ukrainian shell casings and tanks were burned at the scene.

Russian sources said that the Russian armed forces had used T-90 tanks for the first time in Ukraine. The T-90 tank is considered the most advanced armored vehicle.

Russia used T-80BV tanks in Ukraine. The T-80BV tank is equipped with landmine clearing features. All landmines planted by Ukrainian forces are capable of being contained by T-80BV tanks. 

The T-80BV tank is also equipped with a modern protection "umbrella". They do not prevent getting out of the car and getting into it and do not interfere with the use of utes anti-aircraft machine guns of the 12.7 mm caliber.


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