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Russia deploys TU-22M3 bombers to Mariupol to dislodge foreign troops

Hsmilitarycom: Russian TU-22M3 bombers were caught on camera by locals estimated to be on the menu to AzovStal. Judging from the direction of the flight, moving towards Mariupol, it is possible to "suck" several thousand besieged Ukrainian troops and other formations.

Russia deploys TU-22M3 bombers to Mariupol to dislodge foreign troops

According to experts, Ukrainian military forces surrendered earlier, militants, nationalists and mercenaries from Mariupol. Whether for this reason, Tu-22M3 long-range bombers were deployed to the Mariupol region to drive out the mercenaries who still inhabit the city.

Tu-22M3 bomber propulsion video, you can see at least one Tu-22M3 supersonic long-range bomber moving towards Mariupol and this raises questions from various circles.

Usually we see TU-22M3 bombers operating in pairs, however, the bomber looks alone without any escort, whether there may be a second fighter aircraft that is not recorded on camera.

Earlier, Russia gave 6 hours for the unconditional surrender of the Ukrainian military, militants, mercenaries and nationalists, promising to save the lives of those who laid down their arms and voluntarily left their shelter in Mariupol, but the Ukrainian military rejected the offer.

Some sources say that some 2-3,000 foreign military, mercenaries and Ukrainian military personnel are still in the Mariupol region. It is suspected that this is what caused Russia to deploy TU-22M3 bombers to destroy mercenaries in the city.

Russia's defense ministry has not confirmed the deployment of TU-22M3 bombers to the city of Mariupol.

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