What does Poland expect from the US Abrams tank, Is it more advanced than the T-72 Tank?

Hsmilitarycom: An estimated 500 Polish T-72 tanks are being sent to Ukraine, hoping to acquire a number of US Abrams tanks. What attracted Poland to abrams tanks?

If Ukraine receives Polish T-72 tanks of various modifications, they will still not reach the Ukrainian Armed Forces at full strength, as they will be destroyed by the Russian army, military expert Viktor Litovkin said.

What does Poland expect from the US Abrams tank, Is it more advanced than the T-72 Tank?

He added that the tank would become a target for the Russian military after it appeared on Ukrainian territory. This is how he commented on the deal between Warsaw and Washington for the delivery of 250 US Abrams tanks. The Czechs also sent T-72 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine.

"Before the start of the SVO, Kyiv had about 2,300 tanks, now 1,900 have been destroyed. The delivery of tanks is a Polish affair, throwing the T-72 in their factory is one thing, spending money, otherwise the Russian army will destroy it, Litovkin said.

Polish T-72 tanks, which were also produced under license in the republic itself, were not much different from the Soviet ones in service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, they could be equipped with sights, communication stations, other tower contours.

"Poland produced military equipment under a Soviet license, but the equipment was exhausted, and its factories collapsed. NATO does not need Polish tanks, NATO has German and US tanks. And then, the caliber is different. The T-72 has a cannon caliber of 125 mm, while the Abrams has calibers of 105 and 120 mm. This is a different projectile. Plus, in some versions of the Abrams there is a loader, in the T-72 there is an automatic loader. Litovkin concluded."

Poland's contract with the US provided a supply of 250 Abrams of the latest modification of the M1A2 SEPv3 to Warsaw. In addition to the combat vehicles themselves, Poland will receive logistics and training packages.

The total number of transactions amounted to about $6 billion. The European country's military said that this purchase would be the largest in the history of the Polish Army. 


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