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MiG-31K fighter jet crashes in Leningrad region

Hsmilitarycom: The Russian defense ministry reported that the MiG-31 fighter jet had crashed in the Leningrad region, reportedly the pilot was successfully injected.

Reporting from Avia pro, the MiG-31 fighter jet crashed while conducting a training flight. As a result of the accident, the MiG-31 fighter jet suffered considerable damage. Until this news is published, it is not known exactly the condition of the pilot.

MiG-31K fighter jet crashes in Leningrad region

The Western Military District announced the downing of the MiG-31 fighter jet. The MiG-31 fighter jet crashed near the village of Torkovichi in leningrad region.

The MiG-31 is a long-range supersonic interceptor fighter jet designed to intercept and destroy aerial targets at low and high altitudes.

MiG-31K fighter jet crashes in Leningrad region

The cause of the downing of the Russian MiG-31 fighter jet is not yet known with certainty. However, Governor Alexander Drozdenko said that the pilot was still alive, the incident occurred in the Luga region near Lake Beloe, near the village of Pochap.

Earlier, Russia published a video of a unique MiG-31 fighter jet in special operations in Ukraine. This all-weather machine is capable of surviving in the air almost constantly and, if necessary, attacking with ultra-precision weapons. 

The world's fastest fighter jet, the MiG-31, is engaged in special operations to protect donbass. The MiG-31 has a top speed of 3000 km/h.

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