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Javelin ATGM missile destroys armored vehicle

Hsmilitarycom: The telegram channel published a video of javelin ATGM missiles destroying armored vehicles, in the video showing the tank suffered damage so severely that it could not be identified the type of armored vehicle.

Javelin ATGM missile destroys armored vehicle

Javelin ATGM missiles turned out to be catastrophic for armored vehicles, especially tanks. In Iraq, a Javelin ATGM missile for Russia destroyed a US Abrams tank, it seems that this ATGM missile does not know the type of tank.

In the video, the Javelin ATGM missile hits the front of the tank, causing considerable damage, all that remains of the armored vehicle is debris. 

If we look at the video, it is impossible to determine the type of armored vehicle and its owner. The crew in the tank is also unknown.

Avia pro source said that a number of foreign tanks delivered to the ukrainian military were not used, the Russian military destroyed them before the Ukrainians used them. 

Nato countries are considered not to provide a significant advantage to Ukraine, several dozen weapons captured and some anti-tank missiles are not working. 

Earlier, Germany said it would help deliver a number of tanks to the military. 

However, the tanks that will be sent by Germany to Ukraine are damaged former DPR tanks, Germany repairs the tanks and delivers them to Ukraine.

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