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Fearing Russia, Israel refuses to sell iron dome to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Some sources say that Ukraine wants to buy Israel's iron dome, but Israel has asked the U.S. not to sell the Iron Dome defense system to Ukraine. Israel fears the decision is damaging its relations with Russia.

Reported by The Times of Israel on Monday, February 28, 2022. The iron dome's defense system capabilities were well known during the 2021 Gaza war and are thought to be of interest to Ukrainian officials.

Fearing Russia, Israel refuses to sell iron dome to Ukraine

Representatives lobbied Washington last year to persuade U.S. lawmakers to approve ukraine's purchase of rocket and mortar defense systems.

Iron Dome's defense system is the result of Israeli-American cooperation, sales to third parties cannot be made without the consent of the two countries.

Israeli officials made it clear to the U.S. government in informal talks that they would not approve the sale of the Iron Dome air defense system to Kyiv. This is because Isarel is worried that it will damage his relations with Russia.

In recent months, ukrainians made a direct request to the Israeli government and asked to approve the sale of the Iron dome air defense system. However, ukraine's request was again rejected by Israel.

Israel's relations with Russia are sensitive because Israel carries out airstrikes against Iranian-linked targets in Syria, which are allied with Russia, and Russian forces are present. In this case Israel does not dare to act freely if it has anything to do with Russia.

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