Su-27 fighter jets were destroyed in the Kharkiv region. Is this really Sau-27 or SU-30

Hsmilitarycom: Residents in the Kharkiv region published photos of the destroyed fighter jets in the Kharkiv region. From the photo one suspects this Su-27 or Su-30, because of the very serious damage to the fighter jet, it is impossible to determine the exact type of Seca fighter jet. 

Su-27 fighter jets were destroyed in the Kharkiv region. Is this really Sau-27 or SU-30

The published photos, we can see the crash site of the Su-27 or Su-30 fighter plane. There are certain identification marks on the fighter jets, however, due to the lack of official statements from Ukraine and Russia, it is still impossible to unequivocally say which fighter jet was destroyed crashed in the Izyum region, despite somewhat provocative data in a number of media outlets.

Video footage shows the moment the fighter jet was hit by a Stinger human portable anti-aircraft missile system. The fighter jet was shot down in the morning. At the same time, the pilot on the plane died, although he tried to get out.

Experts are currently looking into the type of fighter jet destroyed in the Kharkov region and whether it was a Russian or Ukrainian fighter jet. 

Very severe dredging may be very difficult for ordinary people to identify, according to experts in the field of fighter jets.

If we look at the video, experiencing a very severe impact, this is likely shot using pantsir-S1 or S-300 air defense system.


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