US refuses to send fighter jets to Ukraine. why?

Hsmilitarycom: Finally the US decided to refuse to send fighter jets to the Ukrainian Air Force. The US stressed that the delivery of fighter jets, including MiG-29 fighter jets, was an inappropriate and unjustified move.

Previously, it was reported by various sources, that the US would reward Poland with F-16 fighter jets, if Poland was willing to send MiG-29 fighter jets to the Ukrainian air force.

US refuses to send fighter jets to Ukraine. why?

Will the decision to send fighter jets to Ukraine endanger NATO allies, so the US firmly says not to send fighter jets into Ukrainian air?

Reporting from Avia pro, it is known that the issue of sending fighter jets to Ukraine is completely closed, a key role played by Russia's difficult fundamental position.

Currently the West is actively promoting the idea of ​​supplying air defense systems to Ukraine. In particular, the issue of providing medium-range air defense systems, such as the S-300, is very appropriate for the Ukrainian military to prevent attacks by Russian fighter jets.

US refuses to send fighter jets to Ukraine. why?

From another source said, During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, dozens of Ukrainian fighter jets were successfully neutralized by Russian troops with various types of anti-jet fighter missiles.


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