US lifts sanctions on Russia, if Russia withdraws troops from Ukraine

HSMilitarycom: US will lift sanctions against Moscow if Russia stops Special Operations to protect Donbass. This was said on March 18 in a briefing by high-level representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, answering a question regarding the conditions for lifting anti-Russian sanctions.

US lifts sanctions on Russia, if Russia withdraws troops from Ukraine

On the same day, American political scientist Malek Dudakov told Izvestiya that Western sanctions against Russia had turned into a double-edged weapon and had hit the US and Europe itself.

At the same time, Fox News columnist Tucker Carlson said that US sanctions against Russia ultimately affect ordinary Americans.

According to him, Washington's reaction to Russia's actions in Ukraine destabilized the country's economy and was the most damaging step ever taken by a US president.

In addition, on March 8, President Joe Biden imposed a ban on imports of gas and oil from Russia. This decision led to a very high increase in fuel prices in the US. Today, they have reached a historically high level and continue to develop.

A number of videos circulating on social media related to rising fuel prices, thus making the US public complain about this. 

Are US sanctions against Russia bad for the US and Europe? Of course, the US decision made its people miserable.


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