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US F-15E fighter jets spotted on Ukraine's Polish border

HSMilitarycom: A group of U.S. F-15E fighter jets are seen near Ukraine's Polish border. At the same time, public resources that provide the ability to track fighter jets recorded the fighter jet's approach to the Ukrainian border at a distance of only 50 kilometers.

US F-15E fighter jets spotted on Ukraine's Polish border

According to data from other sources, a group of U.S. Air Force F-15E fighter jets initially flew over the area of the city of Rzeszow, which is the logistical center for NATO's arms delivery to Ukraine.

Initially, it was rumored that F-15E fighter jets could escort the aircraft with a number of new weapons for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but so far it has been impossible to record the flight of military transport aircraft in the area.

This draws attention to the fact that, U.S. F-15E flights can be attributed to the guise of military convoys transporting weapons to Ukraine.

Russia has previously stated that it is unacceptable to send Western weapons to the country, and has also threatened to make military convoys the main targets.

Another source also said Russia would not allow shipments of weapons and other military equipment to Ukraine from NATO-allied countries. 

Russia's defense ministry will destroy all military equipment sent from Europe or other NATO countries, a statement evidenced by the destruction of almost all military facilities in Ukraine. 

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