US Activate the TCAMO system. Is this a sign of nuclear war?

HSMilitarycom: Quoted from several sources, the United States Department of Defense has decided to activate the TACAMO system.

The TACAMO system is used in nuclear warfare and maintains communication between commands that make decisions about dispatching strategic and tactical nuclear strikes.

US Activate the TCAMO system. Is this a sign of nuclear war?

This indicates US preparations for a nuclear strike, or the development of such tasks.

A number of sources claim that this was a planned US and Israeli attack on Iran, Because a few days ago, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Corps authorized an attack on the American embassy in Erbil and destroyed a group of Israeli generals, by firing 12 ballistic missiles into Iraq.

Regarding the issue of the US activating the TACAMO system, there has been no official statement from the Pentagon.

US Activate the TCAMO system. Is this a sign of nuclear war?

At the same time, the US department of defense has not commented on the question of whether the move was a military exercise or not. However, four American planes coordinating work in nuclear war did take to the air.

Another fact says that, American tanker aircraft have recently been deployed to Europe, which may also be related to the current situation.


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