A total of 113 Ukrainian tanks were seized by the Russian military

HSMilitarycom: The Russian military confirmed that it had seized 113 Ukrainian military tanks. Ukraine suffered heavy losses in the face of the Russian military, dozens of armored vehicles were destroyed and a number of fighter jets, drones destroyed by Russia.

A total of 113 Ukrainian tanks were seized by the Russian military

According to an official statement of the Russian Defense Ministry, a total of 113 units of various types of tanks and military equipment have been sent to the People's Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk.

"All military weapons and equipment, including foreign-produced ones, seized by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation during special military operations, are being transferred to the people's republic. 113 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 138 Javelin anti-tank systems and 67 NLAW grenade launchers and other captured weapons have been transferred."

Despite the efforts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and nationalists to put up fierce resistance to the advance of Russian forces, the situation in the region is under the full control of the Russian military, as evidenced by the transfer of new territory under their control.

Moments earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on NATO to deliver to the Ukrainian Armed Forces at least 1% of the tanks operating with the alliance, indicating the loss of almost all Ukrainian armored forces.


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