Ukraine shoots down Russian SU-25 fighter jet

HSMilitarycom: A Russian SU-25 fighter jet is attacked by Ukrainian forces in an area. Reportedly, the SU-25 fighter jet was shot down with a MANPADS missile.

In the published video, you can clearly see the bullet marks on the tail, engine and wings. Upon this incident, the pilot was rescued by the launch of a heat trap, which fired an infrared trap, thereby preventing a second attack.

Ukraine shoots down Russian SU-25 fighter jet

If we look at the condition of the SU-25 fighter jet, it is very likely that the pilot will not survive, because the damage is very severe.

This is a very experienced pilot. the actions of the main aircraft pilot, not allowing another missile to hit the plane, would almost certainly destroy the Su-25 fighter jet.

What's more interesting about this SU-25 fighter pilot is the fact that the Russian pilot was able to save the SU-35 fighter jet himself, and managed to land it on the airfield, despite the limited fuel supply and critical damage.


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