Ukraine requests tanks and fighter jets from Poland

HSMilitarycom: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he hoped Poland would provide fighter jets and tanks to the Ukrainian military. It had previously expected military assistance from NATO countries.

Ukraine requests tanks and fighter jets from Poland

Zelensky reminded Poland that if there was no supply of tanks and fighter jets for Ukraine, Russia could pose a wider threat.

Previously, NATO countries as well as the European Union have officially imposed more sanctions on Russia. They also promised more humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

This was agreed at nato's emergency summit in Brussels, Belgium. Zelensky called for more military assistance to help the Ukrainian military confront Russia.

Furthermore, the President of Ukraine again called on neighboring Poland to send fighter jets and tanks to help fight the Russian invasion of his country.

Zelensky warned that if Ukraine's armed forces are not supplied with fighter jets and tanks, the Russian military could pose a threat to NATO's neighbors.


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