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Two SU-25 fighter jets shot down at the same location

HSMilitarycom: The Su-25 fighter jet was shot down over Ukraine, the video was recorded by local residents. The SU-25 fighter jet flies at a very low altitude, but it is not known which country the SU-25 fighter jet is from.

Two SU-25 fighter jets shot down at the same location

The video shows clearly, after one SU-25 fighter jet was shot down, then another SU-25 was shot down at the same location, in the video the second fighter jet shows the pilot successfully injecting.

It is suspected that the SU-25 fighter jet that was shot down belonged to Russia, this is because the SU-25 was shot in Ukraine.

However, the Russian defense ministry has not confirmed the two SU-25 fighter jets that were shot down. The fate of the pilot is not known for certain, one of the SU-25 pilots managed to do the injection.

Previously, the SU-25 fighter jet carried out an attack on the Ukrainian military arsenal, this was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense, for the attack the Ukrainian arsenal and military equipment were destroyed.

However, if we look at the video of two SU-25 fighter jets shot simultaneously in Ukraine, it is strongly suspected that it is a Russian air force fighter jet.

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