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SU-30 fighter jet destroyed near Ochakovo?

HSMilitarycom: Circulating on telegram photos, an unidentified fighter jet was shot down near Ochakov Ukraine. If we look at the design and the remaining elements of the fighter jet, maybe we can immediately talk about fighter types such as the Su-27, Su-30 or Su-34.

SU-30 fighter jet destroyed near Ochakovo?

Due to the fire being so severe, we cannot recognize the type of fighter jet. The fate of the pilot of the downed fighter jet is not yet known.

If we look from the position of the fighter plane on the ground, most likely the pilot tried to land the fighter jet on the ground, but, perhaps, due to control problems or other technical problems, an accident occurred.

It is noteworthy that 4 Ukrainian Su-27 fighters were destroyed the day before, however, according to official data from the Russian Ministry of Defense, this happened in the Zhytomyr region.

Is it possible that the downed fighter jet belonged to Ukraine that was shot down by the Russian military?

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