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Russian troops take control of Ukrainian airfield

HSMilitarycom: Russia's air defense ministry published a video showing them taking control of a Ukrainian airfield.

On the footage, you can see how Russian paratroopers land from helicopters and organize a circular defense around the airfield, ensuring the reception of the main landing force.

Russian troops take control of Ukrainian airfield

In addition, the video shows the arsenal of the Russian paratroopers: small arms, anti-tank guided systems and mortars.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stressed that the Russian military is tasked with preventing damage to civilians and preserving their property located in the airfield area.

On March 12, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced strikes with long-range precision weapons on the Ukrainian military infrastructure, as a result of which the military airfield in Vasilkov and the main radio and electronic intelligence center of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. in Brovary does not act.

Earlier, a Ka-52 helicopter carried out an attack on a Ukrainian military convoy, the video was also published by the Russian defense ministry.

Ukraine severed diplomatic ties with Russia, imposed martial law and general mobilization.

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