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Russian SU-57 fighter jet, Destroys targets in Ukraine?

HSMilitarycom: Circulating a video recorded by local residents, A fighter jet similar to the Russian SU-57 destroys the target. The fighter jet, similar to the SU-57, crossed the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine and destroyed the target.

Officially the Russian defense ministry did not announce that this fifth-generation fighter jet would be assigned to Ukraine.

Russian SU-57 fighter jet, Destroys targets in Ukraine?

Published video footage, in the Berdichev area, you can see the bombing. However, local residents heard an unusual sound, and later reported that it was a plane that visually closely resembled the Su-57.

Due to the poor quality of the recording, it is not certain whether it is a SU-57 fighter jet or not. Nevertheless, there is definitely a visual resemblance between the aircraft seen above Berdichev and the Su-57 fighter.

Reported from avia pro. Only one fifth-generation Su-57 series fighter jet is in service with the Russian Air Force. Late last year, two SU-57 fighter jets were transferred to the Russian defense department, although the latter entering service with the Russian Aerospace Forces was not reported.

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