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Russia destroys 6 Ukrainian drones including Bayraktar TB2

Hsmilitarycom: Russia's defense minister says Russian forces have shot down six military drones in Ukraine including the Bayraktar TB2 drone near the village of Merefa in the Kharkiv region.

According to some sources, Ukraine has high hopes with Turkey's TB2 Bayraktar and American Javelin anti-tank missiles, confronting the Russian military.

Russia destroys 6 Ukrainian drones including Bayraktar TB2

At the start of special operations in Ukraine on February 24, the Russian military said it had shot down Ukraine's TB2 Bayraktar.

In total, since the beginning of special military operations, 236 unmanned aerial vehicles, 185 anti-aircraft missile systems, 1,547 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 154 multiple rocket launchers, 612 field artillery and mortar guns, and 1,343 units of special military vehicles have been destroyed. Major General Konashenkov said

In this case it is considered, almost all military equipment including Bayraktar TB2 delivered from NATO countries does not last long when facing the Russian military.

Pangamat said many videos circulated on social media as well as masa media showed several weapons depots and storage sites belonging to Ukrainian fighter jets controlled by the Russian military.

A few days ago, a Kinzhal hypersonic missile carried by a Russian MiG-31K fighter jet destroyed a Ukrainian ammunition depot, even as U.S. President Joe Biden said Russian missiles could not be stopped.

A newly published video of Russia destroying a Ukrainian S-300 shows a Russian drone dropping missiles towards a Ukrainian S-300.

It was noted that the S-300 air defense system was discovered by a surveillance drone in an urban industrial building on the northern outskirts of Kyiv.

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