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Russia destroys Ukrainian military base in the Kiev region

HSMilitarycom : The Russian defense ministry released a video of the destruction of a command post of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Kiev region.

According to a Russian government source, the attack used Krasnopol high-precision artillery. This is more than just an ordinary projectile.

Russia destroys Ukrainian military base in the Kiev region

These projectiles are directed by laser beams directly at Ukrainian military posts. The range of destruction, according to data from open sources, is up to 25 kilometers.

Previously, the Russian Ministry of Defense published a map of the areas under the control of the LNR and DNR.

Military special operations began on February 24 after Vladimir Putin sent the Russian military into the territory of a neighboring country with the aim of denazification and demilitarization.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that, All military operations only destroy Ukrainian military facilities, while the civilian population is not disturbed.

Russia destroys Ukrainian military base in the Kiev region

A few days ago, Ka-52 helicopters carried out an attack on a Ukrainian military convoy in the Kiev region and caused destruction of Ukrainian armored vehicles.

The Russian Ministry also reported that, During the operation, 3,346 Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities were decommissioned, and 121 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,067 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 114 multiple launch rocket systems, 412 field artillery guns and mortars, 862 units.

Reporting from avia pro, a helicopter was shot down in the territory of the Kherson region, from some sources saying that it was a Russian Ka-52 helicopter.

However, because the condition of the helicopter suffered severe damage, it is not certain whether it was a Russian Ka-52 helicopter or not.

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