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In a month Russia destroys 60 Ukrainian TB2 drones

HSMilitarycom: Within a month of Russia destroying 60 Ukrainian TB2 drones, does this mean that Ukraine lost almost all unmanned vehicles?

Experts say that in the first 2 and 3 days of Russian special operations in Ukraine, 12 drones officially operating with the Ukrainian Armed Forces were destroyed by the Russian military.

In a month Russia destroys 60 Ukrainian TB2 drones

The Bebera Bayraktar TB2 was destroyed with anti-aircraft missiles, but was largely disabled by a missile attack on an infrastructure facility of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to some sources, since the start of the special operation, at least 3 batches of Bayraktar TB2 were transferred to Ukraine two of which were sent by the Turkish side, and one, according to information that has so far not been confirmed, by the Azerbaijani side.

However, to date, almost all bayraktar TB2 drones used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been destroyed. This is a demonstration of the complete failure of the effectiveness of Turkish drones.

"Up to 60 Bayraktar TB2 drones can be destroyed in a month. What is the effectiveness of its use that we can talk about with such a big loss. Until now, the Ukrainian Armed Forces can still have some drones, but their destruction is only a matter of the use of UAV data by Ukraine," the specialist notes.

From several sources saying that ukraine will get the latest batch of Turkish TB2 Bayraktar Drones, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that a certain agreement has been reached between the UK and Turkey. 

To date, the Turkish side has not confirmed any information regarding the intention to supply the Bayraktar TB2 UAV to Ukraine, especially since Ankara has previously officially stated that the country's authorities are not involved in the provision of weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

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