Poland will not deliver MIG-29 to Ukraine and will not allow its airports to be used

HSMilitarycom: Poland will not send MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine amid the Russian invasion. This was reported in the Polish Prime Minister's Office, commenting on the tweet of the Belarusian opposition channel NEXTA that, Warsaw will send warplanes and attack aircraft to Ukraine, in response to American F-16 fighters in return.

Such information is called false by the Polish government.

Poland will not deliver MIG-29s to Ukraine and will not allow its airports to be used

"Poland will not send its warplanes to Ukraine, and we will not allow significant field use. We are assisting in many other areas," they said.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Army announced that 70 fighter jets would be handed over to the military, After the start of Russia's war against Ukraine.

Bulgaria will deliver 16 MiG-29s and 14 Su-25s to Ukraine, Poland will deliver 28 MiG-29s, and Slovakia 12 MiG-29s.

On March 6, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the NATO country had received permission to send fighter jets to Ukraine amid a full-scale Russian invasion.

He also said that, GAS was in talks with Poland about what NATO could do to meet their needs, if they decided to provide fighter jets to Ukraine.

Blinken's remarks came after the Polish government commented on media reports regarding the possible delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine.


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