NATO to send dozens of armored vehicles to Ukraine?

Hsmilitarycom: A video shared on the Facebook page shows dozens of armored vehicles and tanks ready to be sent to Ukraine to counter the Russian invasion. 

The video shows a row of armored vehicles, allegedly from NATO, to be sent to ukrainian forces facing the Russian military.

NATO to send dozens of armored vehicles to Ukraine?

FROM NATO WITH LOVE TO UKRAINE!!! Don’t ask me what’s in the cabins at the end of the convoy, am curious too! The ego driven dictator has bitten more than he can chew. Don’t ever underestimate you opponent #IStandWithUkraine take it or leave it and oh stick your ‘what ofs’ am allergic to it and sick of it”.


NATO to send dozens of armored vehicles to Ukraine?

But is it true that NATO is sending a number of armored vehicles to Ukraine?

Another source said related to the video, It was a train from Canada bound for the US, In this case it has nothing to do with the delivery of military equipment to Ukraine from NATO. 

So it can be ascertained that the video regarding nato's delivery of armored vehicles and other military equipment to Ukraine is fake news.

There are some sources say that 80% of ukraine's military equipment may have been destroyed by the Russian military, however, NATO did not issue an official statement regarding the delivery of tanks and other armored vehicles to Ukraine. 


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