Russia's Ukraine conflict, NATO sends 50 warships to Russia's border

HSMilitarycom: Reporting from various sources, currently a number of NATO warships are heading to the Russian border, an estimated 50 NATO warships are heading to the Russian border.

Considering the relationship between the state of nato with russia is currently not good. Avia reported that 50 NATO warships on the Russian border were conducting large-scale war games.

Russia's Ukraine conflict, NATO sends 50 warships to Russia's border

Around 30,000 troops, 200 fighter jets and 50 warships from 27 countries will take part in Exercise Cold Response 2022, this year's large-scale exercise involving many NATO countries.

The large-scale exercise allows NATO countries to hone their combat skills in Norway's cold climate, including in the Arctic, on land, at sea and in the air.

The exercise is considered very important for the security of Norway and its allies. “We will work on allied reinforcements of Norway,” said Norwegian Defense Minister Odd Roger Enoksen.

It should be noted, This exercise is not due to the situation in Ukraine, but against this backdrop, it is of increasing significance,” he said , ”France 24 reports.

Russia's Ukraine conflict, NATO sends 50 warships to Russia's border

Until now, it is not known how the Russian defense ministry will respond to NATO exercises near the Russian border. However, possible NATO actions on Russia's borders will be closely monitored.

Another source said Russian troops had destroyed 180 Ukrainian mercenaries, the mercenaries were thought to be from NATO countries.

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the facts regarding the attacks on the Yavorovsky training ground and on the training center of the Ukrainian armed forces in the village of Starichi. As a result, 180 foreign mercenaries were destroyed by Russian high-precision weapons.


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