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NATO is afraid that Russia will use TU-160M bombers?

HSMilitarycom: Russia's military power is very tough and has deadly weapons of war. During russia's Ukraine conflict, many feared a nuclear war, which also dragged down the NATO country.

Happy russian invasion of Ukraine, NATO is very careful in responding to Russian aggression against Ukraine. On the other hand, Vladimir Putin threatens every country that will interfere.

NATO is afraid that Russia will use TU-160M bombers?

Russia has built a list of nuclear weapons, everything is really scary. Among the most gruesome weapons of mass destruction in Russia's arsenal are supersonic nuclear bombers made in 2018.

The Daily Star reveals that the TU-160M aircraft can travel at 1,349mph, meaning it can reach New York from Moscow within three hours. The TU-160M has the capacity to carry 12 nuclear missiles on board for 7,500 miles non-stop without refueling.

The existing version of the TU-160 has flown from bases in Russia to Syria where it has bombed forces opposed to President Bashar al-Assad, one of Moscow's closest allies in the Middle East.

Tupolev, the aircraft manufacturer, said the new modern version would be 60% more effective than the older version. Significant improvements to its weaponry, navigation, and electronic systems will make it a deadly killing machine.

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