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MiG-31K fighter jets destroy Ukraine's underground arsenal

HSMilitarycom: The Russian Air Force used the Belanti complex with MiG-31K hypersonic missiles to destroy the Ukrainian military arsenal in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The attack was announced by the ministry of the Russian defense minister, Igor Konashenkov. The underground armory, which was destroyed by the Kinzhal missile system on March 18, is located in the village of Delyatyn.

MiG-31K fighter jets destroy Ukraine's underground arsenal

As Konashenkov explained, fighter jet ammunition and missiles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were stored in the basement and were successfully destroyed by the MiG31k with hypersonic missiles.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine admitted in a video clip on the Facebook page that, the country's armed forces have lost access to the Sea of ​​Azov.

Earlier, it was reported that Russian troops managed to knock out 93 Ukrainian militants who left Mariupol in civilian clothes.

The Russian defense ministry also published a video of a Ka-52 helicopter carrying out an attack on Antonov International Airport.

In the video, the Ukrainian military also carried out an attack on the Ka-52 helicopter, however, the pilot of the Ka-52 helicopter managed to land safely despite several shots being fired on the helicopter body.

We are talking about the MiG-31K fighter jet with hypersonic missiles. A few months ago before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Air Force demonstrated a hypersonic missile test on the MiG31k.

While tests of the MiG31k with hypersonic missiles showed the MiG-31K destroying a building, this hypersonic missile was considered quite effective if carried by a MiG-31K fighter jet.

From another source it is also said that Russia has deployed this MiG-31K fighter jet to Syria, this is evidenced by the presence of a video of the MiG31k landing there.

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