In the event of World War 3, the U.S. had 13,000 more fighter jets

HSMilitarycom: The international aviation observer agency, Flight Global, again issued the results of its observations about the world Air Force in 2022 in a report entitled World Air Force 2022.

Flight Global mentioned that the U.S. is the country that has the most fighter jets in the world. The U.S. has a total of 13,246 fighter jets and helicopters with a wide variety of functions.

In the event of World War 3, the U.S. had 13,000 more fighter jets

The U.S. has 2,740 combat aircraft, 774 special mission aircraft, 627 tankers, 982 transport aircraft, 5,463 combat helicopters, and 2,660 trainers.

After the U.S., Russia has 4,173 military aircraft and helicopters. China has 3,285 military aircraft and helicopters.

Another source said the U.S.-made F-16 remains the most widely owned fighter in the world. So far, there are 2,248 aircraft worldwide.

This figure represents 15% of the total global fighter jets which reach 14,713 units. The second position is followed by the Russian-made Su-27 / Su-30 with 1,063 units and the F-15 with a total of 963 units.

The U.S. itself is known to often do assignments on its fighter aircraft in the world. The fighter jet is always on standby in the region that is happening conflik or on board aircraft carriers that are also stationed in areas that have a high combat escalation.


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