Britain has refused to send a number of tanks to Ukraine. Did they change their minds?

HSMilitarycom: Previously, the Uk intended to send a number of tanks to Ukraine, but the British canceled the intention because it was considered that Ukraine did not know how to shoot so the effectiveness of its use was small.

Britain has refused to send a number of tanks to Ukraine. Did they change their minds?

Ben Wallace, the British defence secretary, said that delivering tanks to Ukraine would not work and the focus should be on repairing and detecting Russian equipment.

The more weapons systems you upgrade, the more you need to train to use them, so the focus should be on helping Ukraine upgrade or find the Russian or Soviet equipment they already have in service.

Providing British tanks doesn't really work. According to Wallace, britain's Starstreak portable air defense system is ready to be deployed in Ukraine and a number of Ukrainian military personnel have been trained to use it. More than anyone else to help Ukraine.

Experts noted that, London did not initially intend to send a number of its tanks to Ukraine, for fear of not only the conflict with Moscow, but also realized that even a few dozen tanks would not change the current situation in Ukraine.

"If the UK sends its tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, then the number will not be more than 20 armored fighting vehicles. About so much of the equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is lost every day. It is logical to assume that the initial statement of intent to arm Kyiv with this armored vehicle was only for show."


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