F-35 fighter jets spotted on the Ukrainian-Polish border

HSMilitarycom: A group of F-35 fighter jets began flying near the Ukrainian border and over Eastern Europe.

As is well known, the oddity is the fact that the fighters have removed the radar reflectors used in peacetime to increase the visibility of military and civilian radars.

F-35 fighter jets spotted on the Ukrainian-Polish border

Relatively recently, it was reported that F-35 fighter jets were escorting aircraft carrying out arms transfers for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to Poland's Rzeszow.

Nevertheless, it was noted that at night, F-35 fighter jets flew over Eastern Europe for most of the night, probably due to the fact that at night there was very high military aviation activity in the region. Ukrainian airspace.

F-35 fighter jets spotted on the Ukrainian-Polish border

According to experts, the refusal to use radar reflectors may also be due to the fact that NATO will try to use its warplanes in Ukrainian airspace or on the border between NATO and Ukraine, despite previous statements that the Alliance has no intention of hindering the implementation of Russian military operations in the Donbass.

Currently, information about the fixation of foreign military aircraft in Ukrainian airspace is not recorded.


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