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US intelligence: Russia is preparing for invasion of Ukraine

HSMilitarycom: US has intelligence that Russian commanders have been ordered to launch an invasion of Ukraine, and commanders on the ground are making concrete plans for maneuvers in their sectors of the battlefield, CBS News correspondent David Martin told  unn.

Russia is preparing for invasion of Ukraine

“Intelligence indicates that they are doing everything that American commanders would do if ordered to act. So not only are they moving closer and closer to the border and to these attack positions, commanders on the ground are making specific plans for how they will maneuver in their sector battlefields. They do everything right," Martin said.

According to the channel, now the Russian military command is developing a plan of action on the battlefield. 

The channel's correspondent also claims that the invasion may begin with an attack on Kiev, in addition, Moscow plans to launch cyber attacks on Ukraine.

Russia is preparing for invasion of Ukraine

The CBS broadcast does not say where the information about the order to start the invasion of Ukraine was received from.

After weeks of warnings that a Russian invasion of Ukraine was imminent, President Biden told reporters on Friday that he was "convinced" that Russian President Vladimir Putin had made the decision to invade Ukraine and said the U.S. believed Russian forces intended to attack in the "nearest days".

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the US believes Russia is "moving forward with invasion plans despite Moscow's denials that such action will be taken.

“Everything we see tells us that the decision to invade, which we think was made by President Putin, is moving forward,” Blinken said. false flag, and this morning there was news that the "exercises" that Russia was holding in Belarus with 30,000 Russian troops, which were supposed to end this over the weekend, will now continue due to tensions in eastern Ukraine, tensions created Russia and the separatist forces it supports there."

Russia has concentrated about 150,000 troops, combat aircraft and equipment on three sides of Ukraine, which has led to an escalation of tensions with the Russian Federation.

Russia is preparing for invasion of Ukraine

The Belarusian Defense Minister also announced that Russia would continue military exercises taking place in the country near the northern borders of Ukraine, during which a large contingent of Russian troops arrived in Belarus.

In anticipation of the attack, the US and other countries called on their citizens to leave Ukraine. The US Embassy in Ukraine has also temporarily shifted its operations from Kiev to Lvov through an accelerating Russian troop buildup.

While senior US officials have warned that Russia is ready to strike Ukraine, and the Pentagon has sent about 5,000 troops to Eastern Europe to support NATO forces, the Biden administration continues to consider the diplomatic option. President Biden emphasized that US troops would not enter Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion.

Russia is preparing for invasion of Ukraine

"My job as a diplomat is to leave no stone unturned and see if we can prevent war, and if there's something I can do about it, I will," Blinken said Sunday. "President Biden is clear made it clear that he is ready to meet with President Putin at any time in any format if it helps to prevent war and aggression. We will do our best to prevent this, we are ready in any case."

The Biden administration has warned that if Putin orders an attack on Ukraine, it would have dire consequences for Russia, and Blinken said on Sunday that imposing sanctions on Russia now would mean losing the "deterrent effect."

"Once you launch sanctions, you lose the deterrent effect," he said. "As long as there is even one minute of time during which we can contain and prevent war, we will try to use it."

Blinken added that the US does not want to publicly disclose its plans as it would alert Russia.

Source UNN

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