Tu-22M3 Capable of destroying enemies under any conditions

Hsmilitarycom: The Tu-22M3 long-range bomber is designed to destroy sea and ground targets with supersonic guided missiles day and night, in any weather conditions.

Tu-22M3 was created in the design bureau of A.N. Tupolev. In the mid-1960s, the Design Bureau developed the 145 aircraft project, which eventually became the Tu-22M and was originally a deep modernization of the mass-produced Tu-22K missile carrier.

Tu-22M3 Bombers Russian

After a period of improvements, this most complicated at that time air-missile system in the Tu-22M2 variant was adopted by the Soviet air force.

The Tu-22M3 is a deeply modernized version of the Tu-22M2 with significantly expanded combat and defensive capabilities. The development of the machine has been carried out since 1974.

Tu-22M3 Bombers Russian

The first experimental Tu-22M3 made its first flight on June 20, 1977. Since 1978, the aircraft has been put into mass production. 

In its final form, the Tu-22M3 was put into service in March 1989. In total, about 500 Tu-22M aircraft of various modifications were built at the Kazan Aviation Plant.

Aircraft of the Tu-22M series are made according to the normal aerodynamic configuration with a low-lying variable-sweep wing.

Tu-22M3 Bombers Russian

The design is made mainly of aluminum alloys, as well as high-strength and heat-resistant steels, titanium and magnesium alloys. 

The wing consists of a fixed part and rotary consoles. The sweep angle of the rotary consoles is from 20 to 65 degrees.

The aircraft has a semi-monocoque fuselage and a tricycle retractable landing gear with a nose strut.

The power plant includes two turbofan engines with afterburners NK-25.

In 2018, as part of a large-scale program for the modernization of aviation systems for strategic and long-range aviation, the first deeply modernized Tu-22M3M missile-carrying bomber was created.

Tu-22M3 Bombers Russian

As a result of a deep modernization, a new set of modern digital on-board radio-electronic equipment (avionics) based on domestic element base was installed on the aircraft. 

The result of the work carried out was a significant expansion of the combat potential of the aviation complex, including an increase in combat effectiveness and an increase in the combat radius.

The bomber is equipped with a high-precision sighting and navigation system (PNK) developed and manufactured by the Russian company Gefest and T - SVP-24-22.

On December 28, 2018, the deeply modernized Tu-22M3M missile-carrying bomber made its first flight.

The Tu-22M3 is armed with a 23 mm GSh-23 cannon, three air-to-ground guided missiles (UR), bombs weighing 24 tons.


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