Fear of being intercepted by Russian fighter jets, Israel retires fighter jets for the time being

hsmilitarycom: Israeli aviation, frightened by Russian exercises in the Mediterranean, stopped making reconnaissance sorties over Syria, according to the Avia.Pro portal.

It is noted that for 48 hours even tankers have not made flights.

Russian fighter jets and Israel fighter jet

It is possible that not only the exercises of the Russian fleet affected Tel Aviv. In addition, Moscow deployed MiG-31K fighter jets armed with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles to Syria.

In addition, Tu-22M3 long-range bombers equipped with Kh-32 anti-ship warheads also appeared in the region.

The authors refer to a local expert from the Syrian Arab Army News and note that the lull may well be due to Israel's preparations for new attacks on the country. However, the IDF is still unlikely to risk getting involved in a confrontation with Russian aircraft.

Another reason why Israeli aviation took a break is the Russian electronic warfare systems deployed in Syria. 

The Russian Federation does not officially confirm their use, however, experts believe that electronic warfare systems are still used against IDF fighters.


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