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UK donates 100 cruise missiles to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: After the supply of anti-tank missile systems, London decided to donate anti-ship cruise missiles to the Ukrainian Navy, which, according to the Ukraine ambassador to the UK, were provided to fight Russian ships in the Black and Azov Seas.

UK donates 100 cruise missiles to Ukraine

“For the first time, our Armed Forces, in particular the Navy, will receive real weapons, missiles, which will finally allow us to oppose something to the Russians in the Black and Azov Seas ,” said Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK Vadym Prystaiko.

Any other details to the current hour are not officially announced.

 According to sources familiar with the situation, we are talking about a hundred missiles, moreover, of two different types - one will be designed to be launched from sea carriers, while the other will be launched from air carriers.

UK donates 100 cruise missiles to Ukraine

In turn, there are assumptions that we are talking about light missiles, however, experts note that this will lead to the fact that due to the appearance of such missiles, Kiev may go for new provocations in the Kerch Strait, since even with a range of 20 -30 kilometers such missiles pose a significant threat.

The British destroyers were unable to leave the ports to intercept the Russian ships.

The recent appearance of Russian warships off the coast of Great Britain met with no opposition from the British Navy. 

This is due to the fact that all ships have problems with the operation of power plants, as a result of which the latter could not even leave the ports.

UK donates 100 cruise missiles to Ukraine

All six modern Royal Navy Type 45 destroyers are currently moored in port at a time of heightened tensions with Russia. 

Guided missile destroyers have suffered from engine problems since their launch, and ships of this class are currently undergoing refurbishment.

In December 2021, the Defense Select Committee had already warned that "the low availability of British Type 45 destroyers and the recognized problems in their propulsion systems are a serious cause for concern.

UK donates 100 cruise missiles to Ukraine

" On Monday, the destroyer HMS Dragon was spotted entering Portsmouth, joining HMS Defender, HMS Diamond and HMS Duncan. HMS Dauntless and HMS Daring are moored at Birkenhead for the same 

According to foreign analysts, if NATO had made a mistake and attacked Russia, then all six destroyers would have been destroyed right in the port, without even going to sea, which caused serious ridicule of the British Navy.

“They couldn’t even go to sea. We probably should have paused and had some tea, although it is clear that in a war against Putin this would not have stopped the deadly Russian missiles.”

“This scrap metal is cheaper to sink than to try to repair. Let's just sell the destroyers to Kiev and make money on it"

“It turns out that the point is not at all that Russian ships and submarines were kept away from British waters. In fact, our destroyers simply could not go to the open sea. God, this is such a shame!”

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