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SU-35S intercepts Israeli fighter jets, for trying to annoy Russia

Hsmilitarycom: Tonight, four Israeli fighter jets were preparing to carry out an attack against several dozen Russian military personnel located on the territory of the port of Latakia. 

SU-35S intercepts Israeli fighter jets

Israel completely disregarded the security of the Russian military personnel and did not warn Russia of its plans to strike, and also ignored the earlier statement by the Russian side that the Russian military was stationed in the territory of the port of Latakia. 

Nevertheless, Russia took tough measures and, against the backdrop of the preparation of Israeli strikes, which were to take place immediately after midnight, took to the skies two Su-35S fighters, which intercepted Israeli aircraft, preparing to immediately attack them in the event of the slightest threat. 

SU-35S intercepts Israeli fighter jets

Data on this subject are provided by both Syrian military sources and Russian news agencies. According to the publication "Russian Spring",

“Last night, rocket attacks were carried out on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, causing some material damage to civilian and military infrastructure. One soldier was killed and five were injured.

 Initially, Israel planned to deliver two strikes at the same time, one on the outskirts of Damascus, the other on Latakia, but when they saw a pair of Su-35s raised on alarm, the IDF fighters went back without attacking Latakia , ”the Russian Spring said.

According to Sentry Syria, before the Israeli Air Force strikes on Damascus and its environs, Russian planes did take to the skies from the Khmeimim airbase, however, at the moment there is no real information about either their number or their type.

SU-35S intercepts Israeli fighter jets

The Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria has not yet made any statements on this matter, however, the Israeli attack was repelled, although one Syrian soldier was killed.

Source: Российские истребители Су-35 перехватили израильские самолёты, готовившиеся атаковать российских военных

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