Russian air force receives the latest version of the SU-57

Russian SU-57 latest version

Hsmilitarycom: The second and third Su-57 fighters appeared in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The information that appeared in early January that two new fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jets were put into service with the Russian Aerospace Forces was documented. 

Russian SU-57 latest version

This is evidenced by the corresponding photographs taken on the territory of the Novosibirsk airport, where fighters with tail numbers 02 and 52 can be seen.

In the presented pictures you can see the new combat aircraft that were transferred to the arsenal of the Russian Aerospace Forces. 

Russian SU-57 latest version

It is noteworthy that the fighter with number 52 has the registration number RF-81775, but the fighter with tail number 02 does not have a registration number, which caused a number of questions.

Russian SU-57 latest version

Thus, to date, the Russian Aerospace Forces are officially armed with 3 fifth-generation Su-57 fighters, although last year it was reported that four combat aircraft would be guaranteed to be transferred to the Russian Aerospace Forces in December, which indicates likely frustrated plans as a release , and deliveries, however, there are no official comments on this subject from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Russian SU-57 latest version

Taking into account earlier statements, by the end of this year, Russia will have to have 15 fifth-generation Su-57 fighters in service - 12 combat aircraft are planned to be delivered this year.


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