Russian SU-35 fighter jets intercept US F-15

Russian SU-35 fighter jets intercept US F-15

Hsmilitarycom: The Su-30SM fighter demonstrated the helplessness of the American F-15 in the sky over Syria.

A US Air Force fighter jet entered Syrian airspace in an area controlled by the Syrian and Russian military. 

In this regard, the Russian Su-15SM fighter was raised to intercept the American F-30 combat aircraft. 

Russian SU-35 fighter jets intercept US F-15

The pilot of the Russian combat aircraft managed not only to quickly catch up with the American fighter, but also to successfully intercept it, including by attaching himself to the tail and thereby demonstrating a clear superiority in strength and maneuverability. Ultimately, this forced the American pilot to retreat.

Russian SU-35 fighter jets intercept US F-15

In the photographs presented, you can see that the Russian fighter constantly keeps the American combat aircraft in sight, but does not lock the fighter as a target in order to avoid any serious incidents.

It should be noted that, judging by the terrain, the incident occurred in the eastern part of Syria, although at the same time, any circumstances of the incident were not disclosed.

Russian SU-35 fighter jets intercept US F-15

However, the Web is paying attention to the fact that the American F-15 fighter carries weapons and, most likely, the latter was planned to be used for the attack.

 Including, we can talk about an attack on the pro-Iranian forces, which are just located in the eastern part of Syria.

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