Russia S-500 repels US F-35 fighter jets. From a distance of 800KM has been detected by the S-500

HSMilitarycom: The name of the American F-35 Lightning II fighters, with which the United States is trying to scare Russia, is translated as Lightning II.

 However, against any lightning, Moscow has an effective lightning rod. In this case, we are talking about the S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile system.

Russia S-500 repels US F-35 fighter jets

In confrontation with these air defense systems, the F-35 will face serious difficulties, since their range is 800-110 kilometers. 

The S-500 detects targets from a distance of 600 km, so it will be able to destroy the vaunted American fighter even before it finds an air defense system.

Experts note that even Russian 4++ generation fighters are superior to the Molniya from the US Air Force, since their range reaches one and a half thousand kilometers.

Russia S-500 repels US F-35 fighter jets

It is high time for NATO and the United States to understand that Russian air defense systems have a number of advantages over Alliance aircraft, so Moscow is unlikely to be intimidated by claims that F-35s are being deployed to its borders.


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