Kinzhal missile in MiG-31K and Tu-22M3 Capable of sinking any type of aircraft carrier

Hsmilitarycom: Experts from the American publication Convertshores, who carefully analyzed Russian types of weapons, named 9 of them capable of destroying US Navy aircraft carriers. The details were told by the portal Avia.Pro.

Kinzhal missile in MiG-31K and Tu-22M3

Analysts noted that Russia today has 9 types of weapons at its disposal, which can, if not the first time, then certainly sink any American aircraft carrier in a few blows.

These include submarines of projects 949 Granit, 941 Akula and 636 Varshavyanka, which carry Caliber cruise missiles or anti-ship Granites and Onyxes.

Kinzhal missile in MiG-31K and Tu-22M3

Some of the submarines are planned to be re-equipped with hypersonic Zircons in the future. The experts also named the Severodvinsk nuclear submarine.

Among surface ships with US aircraft carriers, the Peter the Great missile cruiser with the same Granit missiles, as well as the Project 1164 Atlant cruiser with Vulcans, are able to cope.

Kinzhal missile in MiG-31K and Tu-22M3

MiG-31K fighters armed with the Kinzhal missile and Tu-22M3 bombers with Kh-32 warheads were named as air means of destroying aircraft carriers. 

Bastion coastal missile systems are capable of hitting the American AUG from the ground.

Kinzhal missile in MiG-31K and Tu-22M3

The authors of the study noted that the Russian Federation continues to create the latest types of weapons, so it is not possible to keep track of everyone. 

In any case, the use of aircraft carriers against the Russian Federation can be considered unpromising.


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