Iran orders 35 Russian SU-35 fighter jets

Hsmilitarycom: Iran has begun training pilots to fly Su-35 fighter jets. According to the data presented, today we are talking about the training of 32 pilots, which, according to experts, indicates that Tehran has decided to purchase 32 Su-35 fighters from Russia.

Iran orders 35 Russian SU-35 fighter jets

It is noteworthy that all combat aircraft can be transferred to Iran in January or February of this year. This completely rules out the superiority of the Israeli Air Force over the Iranian Air Force.

It is known that to date Russia has produced fighters that were supposed to be delivered to Egypt, but since this country has refused the contract (at least unofficial data indicates this), these combat aircraft may go to an extraordinary buyer, who is expected to and become Iran.

Iran orders 35 Russian SU-35 fighter jets

“Tehran expects to purchase Su-35 multipurpose super-maneuverable fighters. The seriousness of Iran's intentions is evidenced by the fact that the Iranian Air Force has already selected three dozen pilots who will learn how to fly the Su-35SE. If Moscow and Tehran manage to reach an agreement in January, preparatory work will begin almost immediately, experts say. A separate issue is the extension of the service life, repair and modernization of two dozen MiG-29 and 25 Su-24MK aircraft in service with the Air Force of the Islamic Republic , ”TRT reports.

At the moment, neither Moscow nor Tehran comment on the data on the supply of Russian Su-35 fighters to Iran, but Israel is very seriously afraid that if the Islamic Republic is armed with Russian combat aircraft, then for the IDF this will become a huge problem in the planned military operation. against Iran's nuclear facilities.


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