In one day, 203 times Russia attacked Ukraine

HSMilitarycom: Ukrainian police say Russia has carried out 203 attacks since the war between Ukraine and Russia. Attacks almost all over Ukraine.

The state border guard said the Ukrainian military attacked Russian troops near the eastern city of Sumy. The Ukrainian minister said several Russian troops had been taken prisoner in the fighting.

In one day, 203 times Russia attacked Ukraine

Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials said helicopters attacked the Gostomel military airbase in Kiev.

Ukraine shot down the three Russian helicopters. Ukrainian border officials said the Russian military was trying to break into the Kiev and Zhytomyr areas on the border with Belarus. Russia uses the Grad rocket system.

It was previously reported by the authorities of the Odessa region, Ukraine, that 18 people were killed by a Russian missile attack.

Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine by land, air and sea in the biggest one-to-one attack on Europe since World War II. This attack confirmed the fears of the Western countries for months.


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