Belarus shoots down Ukrainian drone

Belarus shoots down Ukrainian drone

Hsmilitarycom: The Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle that violated the border of Belarus and subsequently planted by electronic warfare systems raised a number of questions from experts. 

The reason for everything was the unusual appearance of the drone, and taking into account the arguments of the experts of the Belarusian side, such a drone could not have been launched from the airspace of Ukraine.

Belarus shoots down Ukrainian drone

As it became known to the editors of the information and news agency, the incident with the violation of the borders of the airspace of Belarus by a Ukrainian drone occurred on January 24, however, information on this matter was made public only now.

Judging by the appearance and the conclusions of experts, it is rather a Ukrainian-made Spectator drone, however, some design features of the UAV raise a number of questions regarding the identification of this drone.

Belarus shoots down Ukrainian drone

The first thing that catches your eye is the different coloration on the elements of the drone fuselage.

 It is possible that the drone could be repaired in military conditions and therefore the coloring does not match.

 The design of the drone is very close to the design of the Spectator drone, but there are some peculiarities - this is a modified tail section, the absence of wingtips, modified fasteners, the absence of some structural elements on the downed drone and other factors raise doubts that this is really a Spectator, - concludes the Belarusian expert.

Belarus shoots down Ukrainian drone

At the same time, if we are really talking about the Spectator drone, then according to the technical characteristics of this drone, its maximum flight range is only 15 kilometers, while the UAV flew deep into Belarus at a distance of 35 kilometers.


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